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My new book “The Real Estate Retirement Plan” hasn’t even hit shelves yet and already become a Bestseller! After months of hard work to put this book together, I was hoping to have a real impact, and I am very excited to see there is an audience for this important message.

The Retirement Gap
The timing of the book launch couldn’t be better – it arrives just in time for tax season. Typically this is a time when most Canadians are forced to take a look at their finances… I say forced because many of us are not happy with our financial status and don’t consider ourselves “retirement ready”.

At tax time people invariably take 1 of 2 routes after being forced to look at their finances:

1. Feel defeated and ignore the problem for another year, effectively sticking their head in the sand
2. Look for solutions to get their financial affairs in order

Get on Track
Whether you’re “retirement ready” or not, this book offers a new take on wealth creation. For those who need to get things on track with a proper financial plan, the untapped dormant equity in your home may give you just the starting point you need.

Pick Up the Pace
For those who already have a financial plan, what about accelerating that plan? Instead of complaining about housing affordability, many of us should be looking at how we can use the dormant equity created by high real estate prices.

Start With this Important Book
I want to keep this post short since there’s lots to read in the book. Our book page has:

– More details on the book
– A link to the sample chapter from the publisher
– Reviews by industry experts
– A link to pre-order on Amazon
– Check out “The Real Estate Retirement Plan” today – I’m confident you’ll gain some fresh perspective and learn at least 1 way to increase your wealth.

No mortgage or financial planning team in this country does more borrowing to invest or borrowing for wealth creation than our team. We have the business track record and formal education to support your plan and to help you achieve your financial goals. Volatile markets create opportunities and we would love the opportunity to help you capitalize. Call our office today to discuss how we can help at 1-855-410-9905 or email

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