The Lawyer

Your lawyer makes sure that the property you purchase is legally yours and comes with no strings attached.

When you buy property you are not just buying the land and building, you are also buying the legal rights of ownership so you need to be certain that no other party has a claim to them. Your lawyer will confirm that there are no legal obstacles to your purchase and help it proceed smoothly.


The Lawyer:

  • Conducts a title search to ensure that the seller is the true owner of the property, makes sure that the current or proposed occupancy usage conforms to local by-laws
  • Obtains all necessary documentation including: a compliance letter acknowledging that no outstanding liens (legal claims) or work orders are in effect and a Tax Department release verifying that property taxes are up to date
  • Handles the transfer of ownership from seller to buyer and the registration of the mortgage on title
  • Ensures arrangements are in place for funds to be available for closing
  • Coordinates with lenders the setup of legal documents for any mortgage security
  • Ensures that all mortgage terms and conditions are met, and that title is clear in order to make undertakings to lender(s). May obtain title insurance on your behalf if there is any issue surrounding title that may cause a claim or work order of some kind in the future
  • Arranges with you the signing of legal documents and submission of remaining funds not provided by the Mortgage Lender(s)
  • Coordinates closing of the purchase transaction with the lawyer(s) for the seller of the property

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