Just in Time for Tax Season – Key Read

I am humbled and grateful to have made the Bestseller list with our new book (through pre-orders alone). The book hasn’t launched yet but it’s clear there is an audience for this important message and Simon Giannini and I are incredibly grateful to have received so much support from friends, family and our amazing clients.

Why Now?
The book Purposely being released now because it’s designed to help people with their retirement plans. Typically this is the time of year when people take a closer look at their finances as both the RRSP deadline and tax filing deadlines creep up on us shortly after the new year.

Addressing the Savings Gap
A recent article in the Globe and Mail highlighted the fact that too many high income professionals are not saving enough to supplement their income:

Top earners not saving enough

If high income professionals aren’t saving enough – then we know the average Canadian certainly isn’t doing any better. It’s clear there is a gap in most people’s retirement plans.

Forced Savings & Tax Deferral
Real estate investing not “get rich quick” (real estate speculating is different). It IS a great forced savings mechanism through principal paydown – and with a long term hold cycle you don’t need to be overly concerned with values. If you look at major metropolitan areas they’re almost always at a higher value 10yrs later regardless of the inevitable ups and downs of the economy and market.

In addition, from a tax deferral standpoint and as a way to supplement wealth for higher income professionals, there is no asset class that performs better.

How to Get the Book
I would love for you to read the book – because I am confident there is value in there for you. Whether you are a high income professional or not, the message is an important one and can greatly improve your financial future. Take a look for yourself and learn about the strategies we have used to help clients gain net worth of over $10MM – more than anyone should need to retire comfortably.

The Real Estate Retirement Plan from Amazon.ca
The Real Estate Retirement Plan from Indigo.ca
The Real Estate Retirement Plan from Dundurn

No mortgage or financial planning team in this country does more borrowing to invest or borrowing for wealth creation than our team. We have the business track record and formal education to support your plan and to help you achieve your financial goals. Volatile markets create opportunities and we would love the opportunity to help you capitalize. Call our office today to discuss how we can help at 1-855-410-9905 or email ClientCare@MortgageManagement.ca

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